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Lean and Mean? Some thoughts on optimising body composition

i thought I’d write a quick piece about body composition this week, following the recent tragic story of a student who died after taking diet pills she bought online. Now I know that nobody reading this would be dumb enough

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Finger Injuries: Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Finger injuries are the most common injuries suffered by climbers and are getting more common as indoor climbing gains popularity and standards rise. I don’t want to go into great anatomical detail about this as that has already been well

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Why am I doing this?

Why am I offering my assistance for climbers with injuries for free? A fair (and recently asked) question. Let me try give a brief answer. First of all I enjoy musculoskeletal medicine: it’s one of my specialist areas within my

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Fuelling the Machine; some thoughts about Nutrition

There’s been a few articles about nutrition and protein powders recently, so I thought I’d add my own viewpoint. In gyms it’s now common to see protein shakes being consumed whereas at climbing walls I don’t think I’ve seen one

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