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Hitting the wall- overtraining

Have you ever reached a state where in spite of regular training you see your performance starting to decrease? Where instead of climbing you project you’re struggling to climb the stairs? Have you ever found yourself suffering from a complete

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Thanks for all the Support!! (And a word from our Sponsors!)

My last post, a review of Arbonne Phytosport: Prepare and Endure has now been viewed almost a 1000 times!! Wow! Thanks!! I’d like to do some more reviews of other products such as Arbonne’s¬†nutrition range and the other Phytosport¬†products. It

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Product Review: Arbonne Phytosport Prepare and Endure

The number of people I’ve climbed with who’ve seen me hitting the wall is quite long. I’m not referring to temper tantrums or belayer induced impacts after a fall, but the physiological phenomenon of when the fuel runs out. One

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