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A non productive summer

this summer hasn’t gone to plan! I developed tendinitis in my wrist to an extent where typing was painful for a while. It’s taken a while to calm down so I’ve had a break from climbing and let body and

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Overtraining: the trap

This is an additional snippet to my series on overtraining. Overtraining syndrome has a nasty little trick that can really catch you out. It is especially applicable to climbers and can mislead you into a one way trip to burn

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Thanks for all the Support!! (And a word from our Sponsors!)

My last post, a review of Arbonne Phytosport: Prepare and Endure has now been viewed almost a 1000 times!! Wow! Thanks!! I’d like to do some more reviews of other products such as Arbonne’s¬†nutrition range and the other Phytosport¬†products. It

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Finger Injuries: Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Finger injuries are the most common injuries suffered by climbers and are getting more common as indoor climbing gains popularity and standards rise. I don’t want to go into great anatomical detail about this as that has already been well

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Why am I doing this?

Why am I offering my assistance for climbers with injuries for free? A fair (and recently asked) question. Let me try give a brief answer. First of all I enjoy musculoskeletal medicine: it’s one of my specialist areas within my

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Climbing Injuries and Diagnostic Imaging

Although many injuries can be diagnosed by careful questioning and examination, not all can. This is partly why Rockdoctor exists: to help you access these tests on the NHS by providing advice to both you and your GP. However, the

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Hi there and welcome to my blog! This blog exists to try and provide some information about climbing injuries, their treatment and some thoughts about avoiding injuries and other pitfalls during training. I’m based in and around Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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